Cool story about Negro League stadiums

Great stuff (as always) from Paul Lukas of Uni Watch

Its a hot June afternoon, and were standing inside Hinchliffe Stadium, a battered and dilapidated 10,000-seater that was built in 1932 and is one of the handful of Negro Leagues ballparks still standing. The New York Black Yankees and New York Cubans both called Hinchliffe home, and the stadium also hosted football, track and field, boxing and lots of high school sports.

via Hinchliffe Stadium in Paterson, New Jersey, played host to Negro Leagues history, but its falling prey to decay and vandalism. – ESPN.

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Awful pic from the Louisiana oil spill

I don’t get political often, but I think it’s hard not to feel moved by this photo.  Awful.  Via Daily News…Louisiana oil spill.

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Madden Sells Scouting Reports – Plugged In – Yahoo! Games

According to ESPN, every single play you make in any competitive online match is to be tracked and sorted into a pattern. The game knows how often you blitz, how often you run, to whom you prefer to throw, and to which side you kick. On top of that, it keeps track of when: First down, second down and long, second down and medium, second down and short, third down and long, third down and medium, third down and short, fourth down, goal line, and red zone.

via Madden Sells Scouting Reports – Plugged In – Yahoo! Games.

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Sports blog bought for 7 figures

Wow and congrats…

The Big Lead, an independent blog that Jason McIntyre began as a hobby, is fixated on sports media, news and gossip. Along the way, it has built a devoted, if not huge, social media following.Now, a buyer has established a value for the blog by acquiring it for a figure in the low seven figures.

via Big Lead, Blog That Found Sports News and Gossip Sells, Is Bought –

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(link) Marlins selling unused tickets to Roy Halladays perfect game – MLB –

The Florida Marlins will begin selling on Tuesday unused tickets to the game in which the Philadelphia Phillies ace pitched the 20th perfect game in major league history, a 1-0 victory over the Marlins on Saturday.

via Marlins selling unused tickets to Roy Halladays perfect game – MLB –

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(link) Cardinals dont have many options in assigning numbers | St. Louis Globe-Democrat

Interesting article about how the Cardinals assign their numbers.

“That’s quite a few numbers that aren’t available,” Rowan said. “You look and see what you have left. Certain numbers like 30, 31, we always consider those pitchers numbers. It depends on what a guy wants. When we talk to them, we will always throw out all the options as far as what is available. They can have whatever is open, but we have a lot of numbers out of commission. There’s not a lot left.”

via Cardinals dont have many options in assigning numbers | St. Louis Globe-Democrat.

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Cool idea for hockey

I like this idea that Larry Brooks wrote about today in the Post:

The league and the PA should investigate the practicality of adding European league champions into the mix in order to transform the Stanley Cup playoffs into the first true team sport World Championship. What would it mean for hockey to be able to crown a global champion?

via NHL should make Stanley Cup a World Championship –

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