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Optimistic Mets Fan visited Jeter’s site

Dear Derek Jeter,

Fun stuff

Fine. You persisted. You asked me, day after day, for months and years, “Have you been to my website lately?”. So I went. I was driven to check it out. Let me tell you something, It wasn’t all you’ve hyped it to be.The first thing I noticed was that it made the processor in my computer go wild. That site ate up resources faster than C.C. At the buffet.

I tried some of the cheesy flash games. They sucked. I have a feeling they were developed in a single day, and thrown together for the sake of having something on the site. One was a lame game where you had to ‘be a major league shortstop’ and catch balls, but the balls were thrown to all parts of the field, from in front of the plate all the way to the wall. I know you’ve got a huge ego, but do you really think you can play defense so well you don’t need the other eight guys?

Keep reading via Optimistic Mets Fan.

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