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It will still be better than football (link)

Saw an interesting article that speaks about baseball in ten years.  What interested me were the predictions that the effect that the demise of the broadcast networks might have on baseball, and the below about the beat writers.  The feed the beast thing is interesting, I know over at Mets Police it’s something I work at, with up to 7 posts a day.  This one here is my new “teach  myself wordpress” blog.

The beat writer’s job is devolving into the maintenence of a Twitter feed, ‘hits’ on TV and radio and quickly turned ‘takes’ on the issue of the hour, more substantive writing is supported by a half dozen or so outlets that probably won’t exist in recognizable form in 10 years, and for all I know the coming generation of writers will have grown up doing immense neurological damage to themselves by reading too much off screens. Of course there will still be good writing—today’s average column or game story is incalculably better than one from 50 years ago—but there will be less of it than there is now and the best of it likely won’t be as good. And the constant need to feed the beast in an age when a print model has essentially been replaced by a broadcast model will have other effects as well. I can’t, for example, be the only one to think that the rightly admired Joe Posnanski is courting burnout by dropping multiple five to ten thousand word blog posts every week in addition to his real writing, though we’ll continue to hope he’s Iron Joe McGinnity.

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