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NFL week 17: Now we get the double-doubleheader?

This seems like a good enough topic for the first “real post” over here.  If you’ve stumbled on this, this site is my attempt to mess around a little with wordpress…maybe I’ll do some Olympics and WordPress over here, and this is off topic enough for Mets Police that I thought I’d spare the Mets fans.

Today is one of those rare days where NYC is getting two games at 1 and two games at 4.  I wish we had that every week.  The NFL has proven you can make people give you $20,000 for no reason and people will still attend games in New York, so I don’t think showing “Browns-Raiders” on a random Sunday up against the Giants game is going to cause problems for the NFL.

Meanwhile, the one time I want to watch the Jets they are moved to the 8:20 game.  I know thjose games have done huge ratings all season, but for me it’s too late (real job and all) and after 7 hours of football I want to do anything else.

Since the NFL seems confident that we can handle 4 games into NYC without the league folding, how about they experiment with this concept in Week 3 next year when  my fantasy football team has a game.   (CBS only cares about tennis those first two weeks).

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