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Mark Cuban wrote an interesting piece about fan experiences at games.  Here’s an excerpt:

(H)ow I want a Mavs game to be.

I want it to be very participatory. I want it to be very social. I want it to be very inclusive.  I want it to be memorable. I want it to be so much fun people talk about it to their friends and can’t wait to go back. I want every parent to get tears in their eyes when they see their kids jumping up and down when the score is 2 to  0. When they are chanting Lets Go Mavs . When they are dancing and trying to get on the big screen.  I want the guy on the date knowing that the longest he will have to talk is during halftime and that after the game, and until the next one, he can talk about the game itself and not have all the pressure of trying to think of something to say while his date can be relieved that she can enjoy the game without him talking. Or vice versa of course. I want everyone  coming to a Mavs game to be able to find their own personal attachment to that night.

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The NFL lines makers are amazing

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These guys that make the spreads in Vegas continue to amaze me.

The amount of times I watch a game where the spread is right on is mind boggling.  Perhaps some mathematician will point out that I only notice it when it is dead on…

..but last night’s 5 and a halfer sure nailed it.   And I took the Vikings in the pool.  1-0!

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A tour of New Meadowlands Stadium

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Mushnick kills the Jets

Unreal numbers.

Typical PSL scenario: Jets ticket holder since the Shea days, four tickets at the 40. Last year, the tickets were raised to $105 per game. Throw in the two must-buy exhibition game extorts — at full, regular season prices — and his pre-parking bill for last season was $4,200, the highest it had ever been, but OK.This season? The Jets wanted $700 per ticket per game, plus $20,000 per seat for the PSLs — a total of $108,000!

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Link: where might an MLB team move?

But we can try to guess some of the main contenders, cant we?  Lets do, in order of large MSAs that dont currently have a baseball team: Portland 23rd largest, Sacramento 25th, Orlando 27th, San Antonio 28th, Las Vegas 30th, Columbus 32nd and Charlotte 33rd. I dunno, maybe it makes more sense to list them in order of media markets, because ultimately it will be eyeballs on televisions that make the deal workable or not. Well likely get the same suspects, however.  Maybe Indianapolis shows up above a place like Columbus, but these are the cities everyone talks about.Each of those places has its pros and cons, but for now, though, lets talk about the one people always seem to want to talk about the most: Las Vegas: its always everyones favorite because theres so much money floating around the town, entertainment is the leading industry and everyone wants to go there.But you know what? Ive never been convinced that Las Vegas would work for baseball.

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Cool scoreboard article on Mental Floss

A cool pictorial of some classic scoreboards…not what you’d expect.

Scoreboards have come a long way since the turn of the 20th century, when operators climbed ladders to update boards with chalk or hang a different number to indicate the start of a new inning or quarter. Manually operated boards slowly gave way to more efficient electric boards, which eventually incorporated video and grew bigger and brighter by the year. Here’s a look at how scoreboards have evolved over the past 100+ years.

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Cool article about SF’s PA Announcer

Yesterday, had this cool story about the Giants’ PA announcer…

For all but three games since Opening Day 2000, Renel Brooks-Moon has taken her seat over home plate, with her panoramic view of the Bay Bridge, the Oakland Hills and the Cable Car that sits out in the center-field arcade. Brooks-Moon was hired a decade ago as the only female public address announcer in Major League Baseball. She still is.

via PA Announcer Remains Giant Presence in San Francisco — MLB FanHouse.

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